Speech, text, messenger - barrier-free communication with easyBot

Each easyBot is available simultaneously as a voice assistant, chatbot and messenger bot on a variety of channels and in multiple languages.

Users are free to communicate with easyBot in the way that is most convenient or easy for them:

Smartphone users text the easyBot in their own Messenger channel

PC users communicate with easyBot via browser chat

People with impairments speak with the easyApp in their smartphone without having to type or read

easyBot speaks to foreign language users in their native language

Drivers speak hands-free with easyBot via Alexa (voice assistant)

The easyBot answers the customer’s phone and also acts as a chatbot on the homepage.

Channels available

PC and browser based

  • PC-Chatbot (easyChat)
  • Various web-based chatbots

Mobile devices

  • Stand-Alone App easyApp
  • Various messenger apps

Voice assistants

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google actions

Call Center

  • IVR telephony integration
  • Chatbot integration

Of course, the smartphone application easyApp and the web chatbot easyChat can be adapted to your corporate design.