Possible applications

How can I use the easyBot in my company?

Our easyBot is flexible in its application and designed for use in a wide variety of scenarios. It enables you to automate routine tasks, overcome language barriers, and provide your customers with a unique user experience.

In the following, we have compiled a small selection of possible scenarios for you, which should illustrate the various possible applications and the potential of this AI for you in very real situations. Of course, the easyBot can be integrated in all areas of the service sector. No matter if hotel, public transport, energy provider, mobile network operator or restaurant.

Because our easyBot is much more than just a simple FAQ bot!


The easyBot’s patented, AI-supported technology helps you overcome language barriers with ease: You can maintain the easyBot in German without any complications and still serve an international audience. The translation happens completely automatically in the background.

One easyBot - many devices

Another key point of the easyBot is the fact that it is not locked into a specific system for interacting with your customers. For example, a guest at a hotel can book a room at home on their PC using the chatbot function, use the Echo Dot in their hotel room to ask about sights in the area, and then ask the easyBot while on the road when dinner will be served at the hotel. Public transport passengers, on the other hand, could use Alexa to ask the easyBot for the best possible connection and then buy a ticket via WhatsApp on their way to the stop.
-All this without creating any extra work for you!

API connection

The ability to connect the easyBot to external systems such as an information or booking system via API interfaces gives the easyBot greater flexibility and scope for action. This means that standardized routine tasks can be performed for you effortlessly, safely and reliably.